Welcome to NHASTA, the New Hampshire State Chapter of the American String Teachers Association. Our chapter was founded in 1975 with the mission of promoting string education and performance in the state of New Hampshire. We support and encourage the teaching of string instruments at all educational levels, to establish the highest artistic and pedagogical standards, and to demonstrate and publicize the personal and social values accruing from the study and performance of string music.

Join American String Teachers Association to gain national benefits and local New Hampshire opportunities. Your ASTA membership gives you access to academic resources, professional development opportunities, job listings, instrument insurance, a comprehensive website full of useful resources, eligibility for the National Orchestra Festival, access to the Certificate Advancement Program, reduced fees for attending the annual national ASTA conference, and membership in your local state chapter. ASTA resources are designed to serve you and your students with an entirely stringed instrument focus.

Locally, NHASTA offers annual non-competitive student festivals, a sheet music library, a student scholarship for a graduating senior who will pursue a string-centered music major, a teacher listing, and a grant to cover the early bird registration fee for the National ASTA Conference.

We invite you become a member of ASTA and become involved locally in NHASTA. Join us in supporting each other and our students in the pursuit of the challenges and joys of playing stringed instruments.

Rebecca B. Carle
President, NHASTA